It’s a dilemma faced by several gym fans: Should you maintain functioning out when you’re unwell? Khloe Kardashian states yes.

“I personally always attempt to adhere to my workout routine even when I’m sick,” she claimed recently in her application. “I’ve been combating a cold for weeks but don’t wish to stop functioning out and lose motivation!’ Nevertheless, she confesses, “sometimes you simply need to pay attention to your body and also take a break.”

So…what’s the ideal means to go? Should you simply press through a health problem and also keep up with your routine exercises or take a break? Professionals claim it depends.

Dean Padavan, M.D., a sports medication doctor with Atlantic Sports Health and wellness in New Jersey, confesses that it’s a little tricky. “It really does depend upon the person’s diagnosis,” he says.

If you have an usual head cold, for instance, he claims you’re probably great to keep doing just what you do. If you have something like mono (which could offer itself like a typical cold occasionally), it could be truly harmful to work out.

Got a high temperature? Take a hand down functioning out, says Sanford Vieder, D.O., clinical supervisor of Lakes Urgent Care in West Bloomfield, Michigan. “You shouldn’t do anything exhausting or cardio at all, ” he says. “You can do some stretching, yet the majority of these illnesses are brief. It’s not going to degrade your conditioning in a number of days.”

Vieder advises following this general rule: If you have a disease that’s above the neck (and you don’t have a fever), it’s normally OK to do moderate to moderate exercise. Yet, he adds, “if something is causing you discomfort or making you really feel harmful or wobbly, that’s an indication to quit doing whatever it is that you’re doing.”

For ailments below the neck, like a breast cold or respiratory disease, you truly wish to skip anything strenuous, Vieder says. Why? “You could make it worse,” he says, especially if it’s in your lungs.

While those are the “rules,” specialists worry that most of all, it’s crucial to go with how you really feel. States Vieder: “Listen to your body—that’s always the best thing.”