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Buenos dias Chicas!

At the minute I’m living in Madrid so my day-to-day consume pattern is a bit different than when I’m in the Netherlands.

Especially the time for supper and breakfast is later compared to in my nation but at the very least I can discuss my food with you guys!

10:00 Breakfast

For breakfast I want to consume fruit especially right here in Madrid because the weather condition is so great outside I want to have a light and also fresh breakfast.

I prefer to consume red fruit in the early morning like strawberries and rasberries. Not just due to the fact that it is delicious and healthy, however also since red fruit is excellent against creases. There is an antioxidant in the fruit that can recuperate the damages of the sunlight for your skin. So for me it is extremely important especially below since the sunlight is touching my skin on a daily basis. As well as also because I assume it is crucial for a model to have a good skin!

This morning I had a large bowl of fruit with rasberries, strawberries and also 2 bananas for some additional power during the day with a large cup of environment-friendly tea.

I only drink environment-friendly tea to moisten my skin and also since I like it greater than black tea.

I prefer tea from the brand name Pukka they have a whole lot of various tastes as well as they all taste so good!

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11:30 SNACK

Granola barn with a little container of water and also an apple.

Because my mommy is constantly claiming: ‘An apple a day keeps the medical professional away.’

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14:00 LUNCH

For lunch I truly such as to variate. Specifically now when I’m below in Madrid when I have some spare time in-between spreadings or job I prefer to have lunch outside.

Today I had a really good residence made pumpkin soup with some bread.


It was Sunday as well as the weather condition was so charming so I couldn’t resist this gelato. There is one store in Madrid called Amorino with Italian gelato which I enjoy so much.

I lived in Milano for six months as well as I was constantly so addicted to the Gelato. I’m very satisfied that I found a an excellent one below in Madrid.

They always make they ice cream right into the type of a rose.

Very cute and tasty!!

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19:30 Dinner

Normally I actually like to cook, but on Sunday I like to maintain it basic. I really prefer to consume meat as well as fish from high quality so I visited the butcher to acquire some great meat. I wished to integrate it with vegetables since I didn’t consume vegetables throughout the day.

So after the butcher I went to the grocery store to buy some vegetables. Ultimately I selected mushrooms, red as well as environment-friendly bell pepper as well as cherry tomatoes.

I prepared them completely with sea salt, pepper as well as some italian herbs.

I didn’t need any kind of sauce due to the fact that I prefer to prepare with the juice of the fresh meat and also the cherry tomatoes.


22:00 Before going to bed

I constantly consume alcohol green tea before I go to sleep. I can’t rest without doing this. Just what I really prefer to consume with this tea is delicious chocolate but as we all know chocolate is not one of the most healthy and balanced food in life. So I attempted to discover a far better way. Now I always consume a bit of biological dark chocolate it is 98 percent. It is more healthy and balanced compared to milk or white delicious chocolate and it’s extremely heavy so you can not eat an entire barn that’s the advantage!!

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I really hope you enjoyed my food journal! I don’t think it is actually model food, but I want to consume a lot and also I’m still fit so it is in fact possible!!:-RRB- It is just locating an equilibrium between great food as well as exercising.